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It’s an exciting time knowing that you have a little one on the way, however, we also understand that you may be unsure of what’s best for you to wear as your body changes, here we have an easy to follow guide so that you know what to expect.

Early on in your pregnancy you may experience sore and tender breasts as the body changes in preparation for feeding when your baby is born. This is natural and some ladies may not even notice any changes at this early stage. 

3 Months

Usually by the end of the first trimester many ladies will feel their breasts are fuller and perhaps a little tender. It is at this stage that many ladies will start feeling uncomfortable in their pre-pregnancy bra and it is at this stage that you switch to a maternity bra.  We would always recommend coming in to see us for a fitting to ensure you are as comfortable as can be, and it is important that you get fitted every 8 weeks to ensure that your bust  is allowed to grow healthily. 

6 Months

You’ll find that your breasts are significantly bigger at this stage, and you may experience tenderness.  At this stage you should be wearing your maternity bra on the loosest fitting, and it is definitely time to come in for another fitting.

9 Months

Not long now, and you will be a new mum!  Your breasts will feel full and heavy, and your ribcage will have expanded with the growing baby.  At 38 weeks, it is time to get measured for your nursing bra, this gives us the best estimate of your size for when you come to nursing.


Maternity Bras

Maternity bras are basically bras that you wear whilst you are pregnant! They don’t have to be frumpy, dull looking bras…They can even have wires! Maternity bras are often developed to be slightly more supportive and allow you room to grow. Your bust increases in fullness and your ribs expand to accommodate your growing baby, so it’s imperative that as you grow, you change your old bras for beautiful new ones that will flatter your new curves and allow your bust to grow healthily. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your bra then don’t delay with getting properly re-fitted.  For more information on Eloise Mama’s free fitting service, visit Bra Fitting Service.

If this is your second or third pregnancy don’t just think your old maternity bras will do. Bras age, their elastic stretches and the dreaded washing machine can leave even the best of bras in a sorry state that offer you no support. The average life of a bra is usually only six to eight months, but if it’s a favourite that you wash and wear and pop into a machine then that lifespan is easily halved!

Fitting Tips for Maternity Bras:

  • For maternity bras you should allow a little bit of room for growth in the cup (enough to fit your hand in) and you should ensure your new bra starts off fitting snugly on the tightest hook and eye setting. This is so you can comfortably wear your bra as your rib cage expands to accommodate your growing bump.
  • We would recommend being fitted and having your size checked every six to eight weeks, especially if you wish to continue wearing underwires throughout your pregnancy. This is to make sure that the wire is not constricting any of the delicate tissues or glands in your growing breast. Even if you don’t feel like you have changed much in size or shape, it’s essential to get checked out every couple of months.
  • Some of our gorgeous bras are only available with nursing/feeding clips. These bras are fine to wear during your pregnancy, but please be aware that you will not be the same size throughout your pregnancy and almost certainly not the same size whilst you are nursing. Therefore we recommend that you do not wear the same [size] bra throughout your pregnancy and are re-fitted, even if you wish to wear the same style.
  • You are better off buying one to two bras or sets to start off with so that as your size changes you can be refitted with new styles or sizes.

Nursing/Feeding Bras – These are bras that have special clips that attach the cup to the supportive sling inside. These clips are essential should you wish to breastfeed as they enable you to nurse easily and discreetly using just the one hand to open the clips, leaving you with your other hand free to hold your baby!

Fitting Tips for Nursing Bras:

  • Try and leave your nursing bra fitting as close to 38 weeks as possible so that we can assess your right size as accurately as possible.
  • Bear in mind that your nursing bra will be firmer around your underbust as your ribs shrink back to size and the cup size will be an average of one to two cup sizes larger as your milk will ‘come in’.
  • The hooks and eyes will be back to their regular positioning on the loosest setting, so that as your ribs shrink and the bra loosens with age, you can tighten the bra to ensure your bust is well supported.
  • Your cup will increase and decrease throughout the day as you nurse so your bra should have plenty of stretch and room in it for this and also for breast pads too.
  • Once your bust has settled into a regular pattern, you may want to ensure you have plenty of bras. Three is a sensible number to start with, especially if you plan on nursing long term, then you have one to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer – just in case!


Eloise Mama Bra Fitting Service

Eloise Mama offer a specialist bra fitting service for maternity and nursing lingerie.  We recommend that your first visit to our showroom be at the end of your first trimester. When your pre pregnancy bra becomes too tight.   Alternatively, if you're coming for your nursing bras please ensure you are as close to 38 weeks so we can guesstimate your nursing size.

We are based in South Wimbledon, London and advise our ladies to take up our free fitting service to experience the difference a good fitting bra can make during this time of change in your bust.

Our fittings are by appointment only to ensure you are given total individual attention and one-to-one service so it is essential to pre-book. Our showroom has great transport links, plenty of free parking right outside and are fully accessible for buggies.

To book for South Wimbledon please call 0845 22 55 080.